Personalized COACHING: 

  • An ultra effective and fun conversation-based methodology built on decades of experience
  • Audio-visual aids covering current world issues tailored to your interests and needs. No old, generic and boring textbooks
  • Language challenge always fine-tuned to gradually advance your personal abilities

The Latest Pedagogical Technology:

  • Interactive app exercises specifically created from your personal corrections during our sessions to be used on any of your devices
  • The best video chat software to deliver reliable shared media and instructions. Superior concentration and efficiency compared to traditional meetings from the comfort of your own home/office


  • Free initial assessment session, so you try before you invest
  • The courses are pedagogically planned to cover all necessary material through a combination of in-session work and subtle but effective routine adjustments. No homework!
  • Natural, periodic assessments within our sessions to mark your improvement. Clear progress without exams
  • All corrections are digitally recorded as we go, so you can concentrate completely without taking notes


    The Way You Think in English:

    • Complete grammar: tenses, articles, if clauses, levels of formality...
    • Written communication: written structure based on the medium (emails, chat, text, formal letters, etc...), spelling, punctuation...

    The Way You Sound in English:

    • Accent correction: foreign accent reduction (based on a "neutral" American accent), cadence, pronunciation, tonality...
    • Speech delivery: spoken confidence, fluency...
    • Vocabulary expansion: common expressions, idioms, specialized jargon, slang...

    The Way You SOCIALIZE in English:

    • General conversational skills
    • Networking & negotiation tactics
    • Public speaking & presentations
    • Cross-cultural communication (specializing in English-speaking countries)



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